Transform Your Sustainability Strategy with ZuriPlanet Consultancy Services

ZuriPlanet helps organizations develop sustainability strategies. Commitment to ethical practices and sustainability enhances brand reputation, giving them a competitive edge and attracting socially responsible investors by prioritizing ESG criteria.

Our comprehensive consultancy approach is a game-changer for businesses. We craft tailored sustainability solutions, including Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) strategies, to help companies boost their environmental credentials and gain a competitive edge.

We also provide sustainability training to professionals and students to equip them with the knowledge and skills for sustainable business practices and professional development. Our courses offer UN-endorsed certifications that are recognised worldwide.

Why Climate Literacy Training is Crucial for Professionals and Students

Stay Ahead in Your Career: As organizations and businesses increasingly prioritize sustainability, understanding climate literacy can set you apart in the job market, equipping you with valuable knowledge and skills applicable across various industries.

Drive Organizational Change: For professionals, climate literacy is crucial to developing and implementing effective sustainability strategies, enabling you to make informed decisions with significant environmental and financial benefits.

Prepare for the Future: For students, understanding climate literacy is critical for preparing for future careers in a world that increasingly faces environmental challenges. It provides a foundation for making informed choices and contributing to sustainable solutions.

Why Choose ZuriPlanet Courses?

United Nations Recognized Accreditation

ZuriPlanet is a recognised and accredited name. We’re proud to be accredited by the UN-recognized Carbon Literacy Project, ensuring that our training programs meet the highest international standards. Our Carbon Literacy course is the first to be certified in Africa, setting a benchmark for regional excellence.

Pioneering Accredited Carbon Literacy Trainers

Our trainers are the first to be accredited Carbon Literacy Trainers by the Carbon Literacy Project in Africa. This pioneering status is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier education and training facilitated by highly qualified and recognised professionals.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points

ZuriPlanet is an accredited CPD Provider. This accreditation ensures that our training programs meet the highest professional development standards, providing valuable CPD points to participants. These points are recognized by esteemed bodies, assuring you of the value and quality of our training.

Transform Your Sustainability Strategy with ZuriPlanet Consultancy Services

At ZuriPlanet, a leading green agency, we offer expert consultancy services tailored to help organizations navigate the complexities of sustainability.

Carbon Management Consultancy Services: ZuriPlanet’s Carbon Management Consultancy Services help organizations understand, measure, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainability Strategy Development & Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Consultancy Services: ZuriPlanet helps organizations develop sustainability strategies. Commitment to ethical practices and sustainability enhances brand reputation, giving them a competitive edge and attracting socially responsible investors by prioritizing ESG criteria.

Climate Adaptation Consultancy Services: Effective climate adaptation strategies are essential for resilience and sustainable development. ZuriPlanet offers specialized consultancy services with a community-centered approach and a successful track record in Kenya.

Carbon Management Consultancy

Zuriplanet helps organisations measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprint. This includes assessments, strategies to reduce emissions, carbon offset programs, regulatory compliance, and training.

Pragmatic ESG Consultancy in africa

Zuriplanet addresses environmental, social, and governance challenges in Africa. We work with businesses, governments, and organisations to promote sustainability and governance practices. 

Complete our Free ESG Scan Survey

We offer a FREE ESG scan to assess organisations environmental, social, and governance aspects. Our expert assessors take three days to provide a detailed report with improvement recommendations.

Climate Adaptation Consultancy

Blending global best practices with regional knowledge to create tailored solutions for African businesses, governments and communities. Services include resilience building, climate risk assessment and more.

Our Dual Impact Approach

Empowering Communities: We offer climate literacy training to economically disadvantaged African communities, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective climate adaptation and sustainable development. We stress the importance of Carbon Literacy in building climate resilience, especially in vulnerable regions.

Sustainability Model: Our sustainability model ensures that the revenue generated from our services supports ongoing climate literacy programs and community initiatives. A portion of our service-generated revenue is designated for providing FREE climate literacy education to underserved communities, further reinforcing our commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Your Support Matters:

Your support as an individual donor, corporate donor, trust/foundation, volunteer, or development partner is crucial in creating a sustainable future for Africa.

Certified and Trusted

At ZuriPlanet, we take pride in the credibility and quality of our services, which have been certified and tested by leading accrediting organizations. Our comprehensive and impactful carbon management programs have earned us recognition from The Carbon Literacy Project.

Furthermore, we are currently in the process of obtaining B Corporation certification, which is a testament to our commitment to upholding the highest social and environmental performance standards, transparency, and accountability. These endorsements from esteemed authorities in the field underscore our dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver trusted, high-quality sustainability solutions to our clients.

By choosing ZuriPlanet, you are partnering with a certified leader in sustainable transformation. We are honored to partner with the Marketing Society of Kenya, Kenya’s foremost marketing body, and our dedication to sustainability is further recognized by the National Environment Management Authority of Kenya, among other prestigious organizations.

These partnerships and recognitions attest to our commitment to providing top-tier sustainability consultancy and training services. We don’t just offer services – we become your partner in your journey towards sustainable excellence. Choose ZuriPlanet and benefit from the expertise and recognition that sets us apart as leaders in the field.



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