Support Our Community Climate Literacy Initiatives in Africa

Despite contributing only 3 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, Africa is bearing the brunt of the devastating effects of climate change.

The continent’s communities face unprecedented challenges, such as prolonged droughts that lead to crop failures, unpredictable weather patterns that disrupt fishing and farming seasons, and rising sea levels that threaten coastal communities with displacement.

At Zuriplanet, we firmly believe in the transformative power of knowledge and education. Our Community Climate Literacy Initiatives empower African communities with the information and skills they need to survive and thrive in the face of climate change.

By fostering climate literacy, we can help communities make informed decisions, adopt sustainable practices, and build resilience against climate-related challenges.

Why Your Support Matters:

Empower Communities: Your donation will directly fund the development and distribution of educational resources, organising workshops in African communities, and training locals and their leaders in climate literacy using ZuriPlanet’s globally accredited Carbon Literacy for Africa course. This course, recognised and supported by the Carbon Literacy Project, United Kingdom, offers communities the best climate training recognised worldwide and accredited by the United Nations.

Build Resilience: By enhancing climate literacy, we enable communities to implement effective adaptation strategies, reducing their vulnerability to climate impacts.

Certify Carbon Literate Communities: After the training, communities become certified Carbon Literate and are awarded certificates of completion by the Carbon Literacy Project.

This certification is a crucial achievement for community groups, enabling them to adapt to climate change and equipping participants with the skills to secure jobs in Africa’s emerging green economy.

These jobs can provide a sustainable income for community members, contributing to poverty alleviation and long-term community resilience.

Real Impact: To give you a clear understanding of the direct impact of your donations, our website features detailed case studies on the different community groups trained in Carbon Literacy through our programs. These case studies vividly demonstrate the tangible benefits and positive changes brought about by our initiatives, underscoring how your support directly contributes to building climate resilience in African communities.

"Real Impact: Success Stories from Our Community Climate Literacy Programs"

Women Micro-Business Owners in Kwale County of Kenya Trained in Carbon Literacy

The women gained skills in leveraging new market opportunities, such as selling eco-friendly products to tourists. They pledged to reduce their carbon footprint by minimising waste in their businesses.

Indigenous Maasai Climate Migrants in Kenya, Trained in Carbon Literacy

The Indigenous Maasai Climate Migrants, known for their adaptability, have been equipped with the knowledge to further adapt to climate change impacts. They have pledged to reduce their carbon footprints through rotational grazing, a practice that prevents overgrazing and promotes soil health. This demonstrates their ability to overcome challenges and embrace sustainable practices. 

Young Beach Tour Guides in the Coastal City of Mombasa, Kenya, Trained in Carbon Literacy

With their vibrant energy and commitment, the youthful beach tour guides have pledged to reduce their carbon footprint. They have chosen to go with dive gear made from sustainable materials and support policies promoting sustainable tourism and marine conservation. Their dedication to these initiatives is a beacon of hope for the future of our environment.

Youth in Nairobi’s Kawangware Informal Settlement, in Kenya, Trained in Carbon Literacy

Participants pledged to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing recycling programs such, and encouraging the upcycling of materials to minimise waste. One initiative was to promote composting organic waste, which is common in informal settlements, to produce natural fertiliser for sale and earn extra income to supplement their income and improve their quality of life. 

Girls in Kwale County, Mombasa, Kenya, Trained in Carbon Literacy

Girls’ involvement in sustainability initiatives ensures that their needs are included in community planning and decision-making. The girls pledged to practice sustainable cooking using energy-efficient cookstoves, reducing their carbon footprint.   

Seniors in Kwale County, Mombasa, Kenya, Trained in Carbon Literacy

Senior men in the community serve as role models and can influence others to follow them. Participants pledged to share Carbon Literacy knowledge and engage in community education programs on climate action. 

Giving Levels


Seed Donor

Trains 1 community member.


Sprout Donor

Trains 2 community members.


Tree Donor

Trains 5 community members.


Forest Donor

Trains 10 community members.

Recognition: Name included in the quarterly impact report and a personalised e-certificate of appreciation.


Climate Advocate

Trains 20 community members

Recognition: Featured on the donor wall, special mention in the annual report, and a custom appreciation plaque.


Global Impact Partner

Supports Community-Based Projects

Recognition: Your support will be recognised with a website spotlight, a plaque, and an invitation to a Carbon Literate webinar attended by trained participants.

Make a Difference

Make a difference today! Your contribution will support our efforts to educate African communities in carbon literacy and help them adapt to climate change. Every donation counts and helps us create a more sustainable future, leaving no one behind. Donate now and be part of the solution.

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