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Welcome to ZuriPlanet Consultancy Services, where we are committed to helping large corporations, Governments, SMEs, and non-profits navigate the complexities of sustainability, climate adaptation and carbon management. Our goal is to drive impactful change by integrating sustainable practices into the core of your business strategy.

Our Expertise

Carbon Management Consultancy Services: ZuriPlanet’s Carbon Management Consultancy Services help organizations understand, measure, and reduce their carbon footprint. This aids in understanding environmental impact and identifying opportunities for reduction while integrating sustainable practices into core operations.

Sustainability Strategy Development & Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Consultancy Services: ZuriPlanet assists organizations in developing Sustainability Strategies and conducting comprehensive Sustainability & ESG Assessments. This helps them establish trust with investors, customers, employees, and communities.

Our clients demonstrate a solid commitment to ethical practices and sustainability, which enhances their brand reputation and customer loyalty. As a result, our clients have gained a competitive edge in their respective sectors and industries, and some have attracted socially responsible investors who prioritize ESG criteria in their investment decisions.

Consultancy Services

Climate Adaptation Consultancy Services: Africa faces unique climate challenges, including extreme weather events, changing rainfall patterns, and rising temperatures. Effective climate adaptation strategies are essential for resilience and sustainable development. ZuriPlanet offers specialized consultancy services tailored to address these challenges, with a community-centred approach and a track record of successful projects across Kenya.

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