ESG Level 2: Advanced Principles and Practices

ESG Level 2 is an exclusive opportunity for professionals who have a foundational understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance principles and want to deepen their expertise.

Course Overview

ESG Level 2 is an exclusive opportunity for professionals who have a foundational understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance principles and want to deepen their expertise.

This advanced course delves into complex ESG strategies, analytics, and implementation techniques, equipping you with the skills to lead and innovate in sustainability and ethical governance.

Course Outcomes
  • Understand how Environmental, Social, and Governance are essential in the public and private sectors.
  • Develop and improve their community relations activities.
  • Interpret the impact of ESG on the reputation of the organisation.
  • Plan, initiate or improve ESG programmes.
  • Report on their sustainability programmes
  • Build upon your ESG knowledge with deeper insights into sustainability challenges, social responsibility, and the development of governance frameworks to manage ESG risks.
Who Should Attend
  • Business leaders and executives aiming to enhance their organisation’s ESG performance
  • ESG analysts, consultants, and practitioners seeking advanced skills
  • Corporate Affairs managers and officers
  • ESG managers and officers
  • Corporate strategists
  • Community Relations managers and officers
  • HR, Administration and Environmental managers concerned with ESG planning and implementation
  • Project managers responsible for developing and implementing ESG projects
  • Communications managers and officers responsible for internal and external reporting on sustainability

By the end of ESG Level 2, you will be able to:

  • Develop and implement advanced ESG strategies tailored to organisational needs.
  • Conducted comprehensive ESG risk assessments and created mitigation plans.
  • Utilise advanced ESG analytics and reporting tools for performance measurement.
  • Lead ESG initiatives and drive organisational change towards sustainability.
  • Navigate complex regulatory landscapes and align ESG practices with global standards.
Course Topics

Advanced ESG Strategy Development

  • Integrating ESG into corporate strategy
  • Long-term planning and sustainability goals

In-depth ESG Risk Management

  • Identifying and managing complex ESG risks
  • Scenario analysis and stress testing

ESG Analytics and Performance Measurement

  • Advanced metrics and KPIs
  • Data analytics and technology in ESG reporting

Leadership in ESG

  • Leading organisational change for sustainability
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Working effectively with host communities
  • Building successful community projects

Regulatory and Reporting Frameworks

  • Navigating international ESG regulations
  • Sustainability Reporting frameworks
  • International Labour Organisation instruments
  • ISO 26000
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • UN Global Compact
  • Detailed exploration of GRI, SASB, TCFD, and other standards
  • How to report your ESG progress
  • Model examples and class exercises using GRI Sustainability Reporting

ESG in Investment Decisions

  • ESG integration in portfolio management
  • Evaluating ESG impact on financial performance

ESG Perspectives

  • The politics of ESG
  • Creating shared value
  • Ethical consumerism
  • Greenwashing
  • ESG and tax avoidance
  • Applying Environmental, Social and Governance in non-corporate organisations

Innovation and Trends in ESG

  • Emerging trends and future directions in ESG
  • Case studies of leading ESG practices

Learning Methods

  • Expert Lectures and Readings: Deepen your knowledge with lectures from industry leaders and advanced readings.
  • Case Studies: Analyse and learn from real-world examples of advanced ESG implementation.
  • Workshops and Interactive Sessions: Use practical, hands-on workshops to apply advanced ESG concepts.
  • Guest Speakers: Gain insights from top professionals and innovators in the ESG field.
  • Assessment: This will be a group project with simulations to test your understanding of complex projects and simulations to solve real ESG challenges.
Why Choose ESG Level 2
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: A detailed, in-depth exploration of advanced ESG principles and practices.
  • Industry Expertise: Learn from top experts and gain insights from leading ESG practitioners.
  • Practical Application: Hands-on learning through workshops, case studies, and group projects.
  • Career Advancement: Enhance your professional profile and open up new career opportunities in the growing field of ESG.

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