New Social Enterprise Launches in Nairobi

New Social Enterprise Launches in Nairobi

ZuriPlanet Africa has launched a new website, a comprehensive platform that provides information, resources, and tools to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. The social enterprise, headquartered in London and with its Africa operations in Nairobi, has partnered with organizations worldwide to address climate change challenges.

“Our launch today marks the beginning of a new era of sustainability training and consultancy,” said MichaeL Esilaba, Executive Director of ZuriPlanet. “With our unique position bridging the Global North and Africa, we are poised to make significant impacts locally and globally. Our website will be a vital platform for sharing resources, best practices, and leading change.”

ZuriPlanet stands out in providing top-tier sustainability training, ESG consultancy, and carbon management services to African businesses, including small startups, large corporations, and communities in rural and urban areas.

Its services help businesses and communities reduce environmental impact while improving social and economic performance. This leads to long-term sustainability and growth, instilling a sense of hope and optimism about the future.

ZuriPlanet’s unique approach is not just about providing services. It’s about fostering a global and local collaboration, making each one of us a key player in effectively tackling climate change and building a sustainable future for all. Together, we can make a difference.

ZuriPlanet is launching an initiative to provide free climate literacy training to African indigenous communities as part of its commitment to social impact. The program is aimed at helping these communities deal with the effects of climate change, which affects them the most.

Our sponsors, who share our vision of environmental stewardship, are making the initiative possible. They have provided us with the necessary resources to ensure the program’s sustainability and effectiveness.

ZuriPlanet’s inclusive program is a testament to its commitment to social impact. It aims to empower all, including marginalized groups, with the knowledge and tools to actively participate in sustainability discussions and solutions. This initiative is a clear message that everyone’s voice matters in the sustainability journey.

ZuriPlanet’s mission is to combat climate change by integrating cutting-edge sustainability practices from around the world with local expertise in Africa.

By fostering international collaborations and sharing knowledge and resources, the enterprise aims to empower businesses and communities across continents, including Africa, to achieve their sustainability goals.

The company’s highly anticipated launch event is scheduled for January 22nd, 2024. This event, held in a hybrid format, will feature in-person sessions in London and Nairobi, providing a unique opportunity for local engagement and networking with industry leaders.

Additionally, global attendees can participate online, ensuring a diverse and inclusive event. By attending, you’ll gain valuable insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and be part of the global sustainability conversation.

The event will feature keynote speeches from renowned leaders in sustainability, workshops on ESG implementation, and panels discussing the future of global and local climate action.

Dr Kirstie Bailey

DR Kirsty Bailey


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