Zuriplanet and NEMA Explore Joint Climate Adaptation Initiatives

Zuriplanet and NEMA Explore Joint Climate Adaptation Initiatives.

Nairobi, Kenya, May 3rd, 2024 – Zuriplanet Africa LTD is delighted to announce a momentous meeting between its Executive Director, Mr Michael Esilaba, and the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Director General, Mr Mamo B. Mamo, EBS. This meeting, a significant milestone in the journey to enhance climate adaptation efforts in Kenya, was dedicated to exploring collaboration opportunities for joint initiatives.

Meeting Overview:

During the meeting at NEMA headquarters, Mr. Esilaba and Mr. Mamo discussed the pressing challenges of climate change and the critical need for effective adaptation strategies. Both leaders emphasised the importance of leveraging local expertise and global partnerships to develop sustainable solutions that can mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on communities across Kenya.

Critical Areas of Collaboration: Capacity Building and Training:

  • Carbon Literacy: ZuriPlanet played a pivotal role in the meeting, bringing its extensive expertise in Carbon Literacy training to the table. This training equips individuals, organisations and communities with the knowledge to reduce carbon emissions and implement sustainable practices. The collaboration with NEMA could significantly amplify the impact of these training programs, reaching a wider audience.
  • Sustainable Practices: Joint initiatives could promote sustainable agricultural practices, energy efficiency, and waste management techniques to build community resilience.

Policy Development and Advocacy:

  • Regulatory Support: Both parties discussed the potential for ZuriPlanet to support NEMA in developing and advocating for policies that enhance climate resilience and sustainability. This includes creating frameworks that encourage businesses and communities to adopt Carbon Literacy.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Collaboration could also involve launching public awareness campaigns to educate communities about the importance of Carbon Literacy and the steps they can take to reduce their environmental impact.

Community-Based Projects:

  • Local Initiatives: Mr. Mamo and Mr. Esilaba explored opportunities to implement community-based projects focusing on Carbon Literacy training. This training could significantly impact local communities, empowering them to participate actively in climate adaptation.
  • Local Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging local stakeholders, including community leaders and organizations, is not just important, but crucial in ensuring the success and sustainability of these initiatives. Your involvement is key to our collective efforts.

Mr. Michael Esilaba, Executive Director of ZuriPlanet Africa LTD, expressed, “Climate change poses significant challenges to our communities, but our shared vision and commitment can lead us to effective adaptation strategies. Our meeting with NEMA marks a significant step towards a robust partnership, fostering resilience and promoting sustainable practices across Kenya. This collaboration instils hope for a greener, more sustainable future.”

Mr. Mamo B. Mamo, EBS, Director General, NEMA, reiterated, “NEMA is resolute in its commitment to bolstering Kenya’s capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Partnering with organizations like ZuriPlanet, who share our dedication, enables us to combine our strengths and expertise to drive substantial change and ensure a sustainable future for our nation, instilling confidence in our collective efforts.”

After this productive meeting, ZuriPlanet and NEMA will establish a working group to develop a comprehensive plan for their collaborative initiatives. This group will focus on identifying priority areas in climate education and setting clear objectives. The aim is to implement these proposed projects effectively, thereby significantly enhancing climate adaptation efforts in Kenya.

About ZuriPlanet Africa LTD:

Zuriplanet Africa LTD is a leading training and consultancy firm specialising in sustainability and climate change adaptation services. Focusing on empowering communities and professionals, ZuriPlanet offers a range of accredited training programs and consultancy services designed to drive positive environmental impact.

About the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA):

NEMA is the principal instrument of the Government of Kenya in the implementation of all policies relating to the environment. NEMA’s mandate includes ensuring sustainable management of natural resources, promoting environmental education and awareness, and enforcing environmental regulations.

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