ZuriPlanet Attends Ecobank’s Signing Ceremony

ZuriPlanet, Executive Director, Attended Ecobank's $200 Million Sustainability-Linked Loan Signing Ceremony in Dubai

Dubai, UAE – December 8th, 2023—ZuriPlanet Africa LTD, a key player in sustainability and climate change adaptation, proudly announces the attendance of its Executive Director, Mr. Michael Esilaba, as an esteemed guest at the signing ceremony of Ecobank’s $200 million sustainability-linked loan. This event, held in Dubai, not only underscores the potential for future collaboration between Zuriplanet and Ecobank but also highlights ZuriPlanet’s expertise and its contribution to Ecobank’s strategic initiatives.

Key Highlights:
Commitment to Sustainability:

  • Sustainability-Linked Loan: The $200 million loan is structured to support initiatives that align with Ecobank’s sustainability goals. This includes climate literacy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable agriculture projects.
  • Ecobank’s Strategy: The loan is a testament to Ecobank’s ongoing commitment to integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into its business operations and supporting sustainable development in Africa.

Role of Zuriplanet:

Esteemed Guest: Mr. Michael Esilaba, Executive Director of Zuriplanet Africa LTD, was not just a guest, but a significant presence at the signing ceremony. His presence symbolises the close alignment of ZuriPlanet’s mission with Ecobank’s sustainability objectives, underlining the potential for future collaboration between the two entities. This collaboration, leveraging ZuriPlanet’s expertise in sustainability and climate adaptation, holds great promise for supporting Ecobank’s strategic initiatives. 

Future Collaboration:Mr Esilaba’s remarks highlight not just the potential, but the shared optimism for future collaboration between Zuriplanet and Ecobank. This collaboration, leveraging ZuriPlanet’s sustainability and climate adaptation expertise, aims to support Ecobank’s strategic initiatives and drive sustainable development in Africa, fostering a sense of shared optimism for the positive impact they can create together.

Impact on African Communities:

Support for Local Projects: ZuriPlanet proudly associates with Ecobank’s goal of supporting local projects through climate adaptation programs. These initiatives, such as climate literacy, investments in green infrastructure, clean energy solutions, and sustainable community development, will drive economic growth and address pressing environmental challenges, fostering hope and optimism for the future and underlining the significant impact of the loan on African communities. 

Enhanced Resilience: The loan will help build resilience in African communities by supporting climate adaptation and mitigation projects, ensuring they are better prepared to cope with the impacts of climate change.

Mr Michael Esilaba, Executive Director, Zuriplanet Africa LTD, said, “I am honoured to witness this landmark signing ceremony. Ecobank’s commitment to sustainability and climate resilience aligns perfectly with our mission at ZuriPlanet. This loan will significantly contribute to sustainable development across Africa, and we look forward to exploring opportunities for collaboration to further these goals.”

Mr. Jeremy Awori, Ecobank Group’s Chief Executive, stated, “ZuriPlanet, a leading organization in climate solutions in Africa, is a true testament to the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving climate action. Their presence at our signing ceremony emphasizes the crucial role of partnerships in addressing climate-related challenges.”

Next Steps:

Next Steps: Following the successful signing of the sustainability-linked loan, Ecobank and Zuriplanet Africa LTD are not just considering collaboration but actively exploring potential areas for joint projects, training programs, and community outreach activities. This strategic partnership, built on the success of the loan, aims to maximise its impact and further support sustainability and climate resilience, demonstrating both organisations’ shared commitment. The future collaboration between these entities holds great promise for sustainable development in Africa.

About Zuriplanet Africa LTD:

Zuriplanet Africa LTD is a leading training and consultancy firm specialising in sustainability and climate change adaptation services. Focusing on empowering communities and professionals, Zuriplanet offers a range of accredited training programs and consultancy services designed to drive positive environmental impact.

About Ecobank Group:

Ecobank Group is a leading pan-African bank that provides financial services to millions of customers in 36 African countries. Committed to sustainable development, Ecobank integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into its operations to promote economic growth and social progress.

For media inquiries, please contact: info@zuri-planet.com

Dr Kirstie Bailey

DR Kirsty Bailey


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