ZuriPlanet Congratulates Partner Carbon Literacy Project

ZuriPlanet Congratulates Partner Carbon Literacy Project on Participating in The Big Give’s Green Match Fund

Manchester, United Kingdom, May 2024 — ZuriPlanet, a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals, organisations of all types, large or small, and communities in Africa through sustainability initiatives, is thrilled to congratulate its esteemed partner, the Carbon Literacy Project, on their unique participation in The Big Give’s Green Match Fund. This initiative, the UK’s most extensive match funding campaign supporting environmental charities, was led by the Carbon Literacy Project Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy, Mr. Phil Korbel.

The Carbon Literacy Project’s significant involvement in The Big Give’s Green Match Fund not only highlights its continued dedication to raising awareness and fostering education on climate change but also amplifies its efforts to deliver impactful climate literacy programs across communities. This participation is a testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship and their ability to make a real difference in climate education, inspiring hope for a more sustainable future.

“We are immensely proud of our partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project,” said Mr. Michael Esilaba, Executive Director of ZuriPlanet. “Their participation in The Big Give’s Green Match Fund is a testament to their outstanding work and relentless commitment to enhancing climate education. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have on advancing environmental initiatives.”

The Big Give’s Green Match Fund provides a unique opportunity for environmental charities to double their donations, significantly enhancing their capacity to deliver essential programs. The Carbon Literacy Project’s crucial participation will help raise the much-needed funds to expand its unique Carbon Literacy Training community program, empowering communities with the knowledge to reduce their carbon footprints in their everyday activities. This expansion is vital to ensure that more individuals and communities are equipped with the knowledge and skills to combat climate change effectively.

The Carbon Literacy Project acknowledged that “with differences in global spending power, it is significantly more expensive for communities in Global South nations to access Carbon Literacy—the same communities that are the most impacted but least empowered to take action on the climate crisis—an issue we wanted to tackle through this fundraiser.”

ZuriPlanet and the Carbon Literacy Project share a common vision of empowering communities through education and sustainable practices. ZuriPlanet’s “Carbon Literacy for Africa” course was the first to be accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project in Africa, marking a significant milestone in advancing climate education. This course has provided crucial knowledge and skills to individuals and communities, enabling them to understand better and address climate change impacts. For instance, in Mombasa County of Kenya, women and girls in the community were trained on Carbon Literacy through a pilot program initiated by ZuriPlanet.  

“Participating in The Big Give’s Green Match Fund will enable the Carbon Literacy Project to scale its efforts and reach even more communities,” added Mr. Esilaba. “We encourage everyone to support this incredible initiative and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

ZuriPlanet, led by its Executive Director, Mr. Michael Esilaba, was proud to share some testimonials from its community projects in Kenya. These projects have focused on providing Carbon Literacy training to marginalised communities needing climate education.

One testimonial comes from a community leader in rural Kenya: “Thanks to the training provided by ZuriPlanet, our community now understands the impact of climate change and how we can take action to reduce our carbon footprint. This knowledge has empowered us to adopt sustainable practices and improve our resilience to climate impacts.”

Another participant shared, “The Carbon Literacy training we received has been life-changing. We are better equipped to protect our environment and educate others in our community about reducing our carbon footprints for climate action.”

ZuriPlanet and the Carbon Literacy Project are committed to continuing their partnership and collaboration to make Carbon Literacy training more accessible to African communities. “Our partners and supporters play a crucial role in making our training accessible to those who need it most,” said Mr Esilaba. “We invite new supporters and partners to join us in this mission. No matter how small, every donation increases climate literacy in rural communities.”

About ZuriPlanet

ZuriPlanet is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals, organisations of all types, large or small, and communities in Africa through sustainability initiatives. By investing a portion of its profits into providing no-cost carbon literacy training to marginalised African communities, ZuriPlanet aims to foster sustainable development and environmental stewardship. For more information, visit [ZuriPlanet website].

About the Carbon Literacy Project

Co-founded by Phil Korbel, The Carbon Literacy Project is an organisation focused on climate change education and awareness. They provide training that helps individuals and organisations understand the impacts of their activities on climate change and take meaningful action to reduce carbon emissions. For more information, visit https://carbonliteracy.com.

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