ZuriPlanet Executive Director Attends UNFCCC COP 28

ZuriPlanet Executive Director Mr Michael Esilaba Attends COP 28 as Part of the Kenyan Delegation

Dubai, UAE, 30 November 2023 — ZuriPlanet, a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals, organisations and communities through sustainability initiatives, is proud to announce that its Executive Director, Mr. Michael Esilaba, attended the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28) as part of the Kenyan delegation. Mr Esilaba was invited to join the delegation by Engineer Festus K. Ngeno, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forestry in Kenya. The event in Dubai marked a crucial juncture for the global climate change education movement, overriding the fossil phaseout debate with a focus on innovative educational strategies and climate literacy.

Mr. Esilaba, an esteemed educator and advocate for sustainability, brought a unique perspective to COP 28 as the Executive Director of ZuriPlanet. His participation in the conference underscored the global impact of ZuriPlanet’s commitment to climate education. “Being a part of COP 28 has been an inspiring experience,” said Mr. Esilaba. This conference has emphasised the critical role of education in empowering individuals, organisations, and communities worldwide to understand and combat climate change effectively. ZuriPlanet, with its unique approach, is at the forefront of this mission in Africa.

COP 28 provided a platform for stakeholders worldwide to share insights, strategies, and best practices in climate change education. Mr Esilaba, representing ZuriPlanet, engaged with global leaders, educators, and activists to discuss innovative approaches to climate literacy, particularly in marginalised and vulnerable African communities. His contributions led to the worldwide recognition of the need for comprehensive educational programs that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainable development and climate resilience, further solidifying ZuriPlanet’s pivotal role in the global climate change education movement.

“Climate education is more than just creating awareness; it’s about empowering people to take concrete climate action,” Mr Esilaba emphasised. “At ZuriPlanet, we resolutely provide carbon reduction training to marginalised African communities. We firmly believe that no one should be left behind in the battle against climate change.”

Mr. Esilaba also participated in high-level discussions on climate policy and adaptation strategies as part of the Kenyan delegation. These sessions focused on the unique challenges faced by African nations and the importance of integrating climate education into national and regional policies. The Kenyan delegation’s contributions at COP 28 emphasised the need for global cooperation and support to enhance climate resilience across the continent.

Discussions at COP 28 addressed the urgent need to advance environmentally conscious education globally, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, where climate literacy levels are below global averages. Mr. Esilaba advocated increased investment in educational resources and training programs to bridge this gap. “Sub-Saharan Africa faces distinct challenges due to climate change, and enhancing climate literacy in this region is vital for fostering resilience and sustainable development,” he stated.

ZuriPlanet’s initiatives, such as solar energy projects in rural Kenya, water conservation programs in Tanzania, urban farming in Nairobi, and mangrove restoration in coastal regions, were highlighted as exemplary models of community-driven sustainability efforts. These projects have significantly improved the quality of life in marginalised communities and demonstrated the transformative power of climate education and sustainable practices, instilling hope and optimism for a more sustainable future.

ZuriPlanet continues to work with partners and supporters to waive training fees for community Carbon Literacy. “Our partners and supporters play a crucial role in making our training accessible to those who need it most,” said Mr Esilaba. “We invite new supporters and partners to join us in this mission. No matter how small, every donation increases climate literacy in rural communities.”

COP 28 marked a significant step forward for the global climate change education movement, reinforcing the essential role of education in achieving climate goals. Mr. Esilaba’s participation in the conference underscores ZuriPlanet’s dedication to creating a more sustainable and equitable world, one community at a time.

About ZuriPlanet

ZuriPlanet is a social enterprise that empowers individuals, organisations and communities through sustainability initiatives. By giving back a portion of its profits to provide no-cost Carbon Literacy training to marginalised African communities, ZuriPlanet aims to foster sustainable development and environmental stewardship. 

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DR Kirsty Bailey


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