ZuriPlanet holds talks with Vihiga County Governor

ZuriPlanet Executive Director Mr. Michael Esilaba Holds Talks with Vihiga County Governor Dr Wilber K. Ottichilo on Climate Change Adaptation Partnership

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 19th December 2023 — ZuriPlanet, a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals, organisations and communities through sustainability initiatives, is pleased to announce that its Executive Director, Mr. Michael Esilaba, recently held productive talks with the Governor of Vihiga County, His Excellency Dr. Wilber K. Ottichilo. Dr. Ottichilo also serves as the Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee, Council of Governors of the Republic of Kenya. The discussions took place on the sidelines of COP 27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

The discussions focused on initiating a strategic partnership between ZuriPlanet and the Council of Governors on climate literacy and climate change adaptation programs in the counties. This partnership, which will be formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding, aims to enhance capacity building on climate literacy training across various counties in Kenya. Mr. Esilaba and Dr. Ottichilo explored the potential for ZuriPlanet to provide essential climate literacy education and resources to empower local communities in addressing climate challenges.

Climate change is not a distant threat but a present reality that is causing widespread destruction in the county governments of Kenya. Severe droughts, unpredictable rainfall patterns, and increased flooding have devastated agricultural lands, leading to food insecurity and community displacement. For example, recent floods in counties like Kisumu and Homa Bay have resulted in lost lives, destroyed homes, and significant economic setbacks. These climate-induced disasters underscore the urgent need for robust climate adaptation strategies, compelling us all to act now.

Mr Esilaba underscored ZuriPlanet’s unwavering commitment to investing a portion of its profits into providing no-cost carbon literacy training to marginalised African communities. “Our mission at ZuriPlanet is to empower communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to address climate change effectively,” said Mr. Esilaba. “Climate literacy is a fundamental component of climate action, equipping communities with the understanding needed to implement sustainable practices and adapt to changing environmental conditions. We are dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable communities in this crucial endeavour.”

Dr. Ottichilo commended ZuriPlanet’s innovative approach and reaffirmed the Council of Governors’ dedication to environmental sustainability. “The Council of Governors is committed to implementing robust climate change adaptation strategies across all counties,” said Dr. Ottichilo. “Our collaboration with ZuriPlanet will enhance our efforts to capacity build and engage our communities on the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.”

The talks also covered ZuriPlanet’s impactful programs on climate adaptation, community outreach, and engagement. These initiatives, such as the ‘Solar for Schools’ project in Kisumu and the ‘Water for Life’ program in Homa Bay, have significantly benefited marginalised communities, demonstrating ZuriPlanet’s contribution to the triple bottom-line principles of people, planet, and profit. ‘Our work in climate adaptation and community outreach is a testament to our commitment to creating a sustainable future for all,’ added Mr Esilaba.

ZuriPlanet’s dedication to its mission of creating a more sustainable and equitable world, one community at a time, is illustrated through various initiatives:

  1. Solar Energy Projects in Rural Kenya: ZuriPlanet has installed solar panels in off-grid communities, providing clean energy to schools and health centres, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and improving the quality of life.
  2. Water Conservation Programs in Tanzania: By implementing rainwater harvesting systems and training local communities on sustainable water management, ZuriPlanet has helped mitigate drought impacts and improve access to clean water.
  3. Urban Farming Initiatives in Nairobi: ZuriPlanet has supported the development of urban gardens in low-income neighbourhoods, promoting food security and providing residents with skills in sustainable agriculture.
  4. Mangrove Restoration in Coastal Regions: In partnership with local organisations, ZuriPlanet has led mangrove planting projects that protect coastal ecosystems, enhance biodiversity, and support local fisheries.

Both leaders expressed optimism about the potential impact of their partnership on advancing sustainable practices and environmental education within Vihiga County and across Kenya. They pledged to continue exploring collaborative opportunities that leverage ZuriPlanet’s expertise and the Council of Governors’ commitment to sustainability. This partnership has the potential to significantly enhance climate resilience, promote sustainable development, and improve the quality of life for communities in Vihiga County and beyond.

ZuriPlanet continues to promote sustainability through education and innovative community initiatives. The organisation remains dedicated to creating a more sustainable and equitable world, one community at a time.

About ZuriPlanet

ZuriPlanet is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering communities through sustainability initiatives. By investing a portion of its profits into providing no-cost Carbon Reduction training to marginalised African communities, ZuriPlanet aims to foster sustainable development and environmental stewardship. For more information, visit www.zuri-planet.com

About the Council of Governors

The Council of Governors is an intergovernmental organisation in Kenya, composed of the Governors of the 47 counties. It promotes sustainable development and environmental conservation through collaborative initiatives and policy advocacy. For more information, visit www.cog.go.ke

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